Limit of Report generation from XLSX to PDF

When I run a report with a large number of records, e.g. 100,000, the XLSX can output. But when I request for PDF output, the system hung and the following error appears in the logs:

com.haulmont.reports.exception.ReportingException: Unable to convert to calc_pdf_Export. All attempts failed Report name [RowTest]

What is the limit on the number of records that I can print in a report in PDF ?
Is it limited by rows ? Or number of pages ? Or time to convert to PDF ? Or memory of server ?



I found the source of the issue. There is a time limit to generate the PDF using libreoffice:


Once I extended the timeout, the report can finish and the PDF is generated.

However, I think the exception handling should be improved. Currently, if it fails, it hangs the Cuba server and retries again and again to generate the report. It should not hang the server and the report should be terminated accordingly.