License Key Invalid Message When Opening Project

We purchased a license back in September, and I’ve never had any issues since applying it… until today. When I tried to open my project I got the following error:


However, the email I got with the license key says it should be valid till 2018-09-19.

I don’t see any output in studio.log related to the license. It’s possible that another developer applied one of our 5 licenses on Friday, so this issue could be related to that, although he’s not online yet so I can’t verify whether or not he was successful. I could try re-entering the license key, but I don’t want it to count as 2 uses when it’s really just one developer re-applying the same key on the same machine.

Any idea what’s going on? Is it safe to reapply the license key?


It is safe to reapply the license key. It is checked only for concurrent Studio usage, thus you can use the same key on your work / personal PC.

Could you try to register your key again of this PC?

Hi Yuriy,
Thanks for the quick reply! I just reapplied the license key and was able to open my project.