LibreOffice ods format report


I try to generate a report using LibreOffice. I saw that .ods file extension is not an option in the list.
Is it possible to generate such kind (output type) of report or not?


If I select any other output type (( PDF for instance) I have the following message:
Template type and output type are incompatible.

I converted the .ods in .xlsx and uploaded in this way. Is it the correct solution?

Apparently works but unfortunately even I add Define Name of productsBand in $Quote.$B$36:$G$36 the report generated template place cells in B1:G1 range and the rest of (fixed) text is deleted.
This can be that I didn’t use headerBand.

Can you help me with this Groovy script, pls?

I use this one:

def dataManager ='cuba_DataManager');
def o = dataManager.reload(params['invoice'], 'invoice-view')

return [['date']]

OpenOffice should works better?