Legacy DB - other application still inserting into table

I have a legacy application that is still in use and I want a view on the data from my Cuba application.

Everything is working well with the Cuba application, but it has added ID columns to the tables and the other application (which still inserts data) can’t insert as the ID cannot be null.

What is the best way to deal with this?

Looking at the documentation again, it looks like I need to have the Entities derived from a different class than BaseUuidEntity and use the existing unique value in the table.

Does that sound correct?

Absolutely. Did you use “Generate model” wizard in Studio or created your entities manually?

I used Generate Model

I am now trying to extend the BaseUuidEntity class but I can’t get it to appear in the Parent Class drop down?

What Studio version do you use? The recent versions choose appropriate base classes depending on existing PK types, e.g. BaseLongIdEntity, BaseStringIdEntity, etc. It even can map composite PK using embeddable entities and @EmbeddedId. So you normally don’t have to extend BaseUuidEntity.

Could you explain the whole situation in more detail?