left join over three tables in one grid

We have a problem with a simple left join: We want to do a left join over three tables “Transaction (n) --> (1) Payments (n) --> (1) Documents” and display all the result in one grid. Is there a simple example where we can learn from? We always run into error messages concerning the left join.
We had a look at the bycicle mechanic example but this didn’t really help us, since the relation between repair and mechanic is 1:1.
Bye Ody

Hi Ody,

If you want to ensure the LEFT join, try following JPQL in a collection datasource linked to the table component:

select t 
from sample$Transaction t 
    left join t.payment p 
    left join p.document d 

Alternatively, you can set Fetch type for links to Payment and Document to UNDEFINED in the Transaction view used in the datasource. In this case the references will be loaded by separate selects.