LDAP integration change in new version

We upgraded our Cuba version and it seems the LDAP integration has a bug. In the previous versions we used the LDAP integration a lot and whenever a user was not in the AD namespace, but had a username / password in the application the platform let him authenticate via username / password. But since 6.8 version if a user is not existing in the AD namespace, and is not added in the app.properties cuba.web.standardAuthenticationUsers, can not login to the application.

We would like to combine the 2 authetntication method without editing a properties file whenever a new user without AD would like to login.

Relevant documentation: Integration with LDAP - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual
Relevant code: cuba/LdapLoginProvider.java at master · cuba-platform/cuba · GitHub

This is an urgent topic for us, so we would like an answer asap.


As far as I know the team provides commercial consultancy services and you may use it for urgent cases.

Hi @toth.attila,

do you use standard CUBA LDAP authentification provider or you using LDAP addon from the marketplace?



We are using CUBA LDAP authentication provider.


You can override LdapLoginProvider by providing a bean implementing LoginProvider and registering it in your project’s web-spring.xml with the same name (cuba_LdapLoginProvider).