Ldap - Implementation Class?


I am looking for
where I can find this implementation? In which folder? Because cuba provide an ldap implementation somewhere…

thank you


Take a look at the com.haulmont.cuba.web.security.ldap.LdapLoginProvider.

how to find it in the cuba-project? I have modules, core, global etc…

Because I am new and try to make an ldap connection, but I get an error, so I try to check the code…or replace it in my own one

It is located in cuba JAR so you need to open the existing class. For instance, You can do it with Ctrl-N shortcut in Intellij IDEA.


is there also any other way to customize own “authentification”?

You can customize authentication on middleware and in Web Client.

I will take a look, thanks :slight_smile:

But where I can find this “class” or does I have to create a class for it?

All platform classes are packed to JARs and your project depends on them. See External dependencies section on Project panel.


The easiest way to open them is to use IDE shortcut (Ctrl-N) and enter the class name:


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