Layout error - there is nospace in this row


I want to encapsulate a “contact” table within a Simple GroupBox (ContactBox ) - between fieldGroup and contactTable.
Unfortunately I have the following message: Logout error, there is nospace in this row.
The idea is that I want to display fieldGroup (left) and contactTable (with Title - Contacts) (right) on the same row. For this I used a Grid (see below).
Please advise.

Make sure your GridLayout has 2 columns and the contactTable component is in the second column:


Yes, the grid has 2 columns and contactTable is in the second column.
The problem is that I need a title for this table and if I try to add a contactBox or a TextField (in the same second box) the error message is: there is no space in this row.

Finally it worked.
The clue was to drag and drop in the right (hierarchy) panel. I used to did it in the left (graphic) panel.