Knowing extended app namespace

Hello, i’m writing an app that should become a module in an other big app, but i need some kind of an integration between them. For example:

  • I have a big app for a big amount of users which are divided by companies they work in
  • I have a module whick will extend sec$User and provide a Personal Profile functions, like avatar and other custom personal info
  • How to make my module “know” with what big app it works? let’s say i want my extended user in module have an associated field “company” and know in which company (of a big app) it works

Hello, Ivan,
I suppose you are tending to mess up things. If your module doesn’t introduce “company” attribute perhaps it would better not try to use it et all. Try to split concerns carefully. Components should not know anything about ones which use them. I’d recommend you to read more about CUBA Platform approach to customization here if you haven’t read it already.

the page you are linking doesn’t exist or private, sorry…
i’m not trying to mix things up, i want to make a highly customizable module for my future big projects

Ivan, this is an entry from CUBA Platform Blog and it’s definitely open for everyone. Please check how you open link it read it thoroughly, I think it’s exactly what you need at the moment.

The forum software handles the link incorrectly. Please copy it and paste to the new browser tab.

Fixed the link. Now it should be ok to click directly.

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Thanks for the intersting article. So as i can now see i can’t make a multi moduled structure which will have a “patch-like” behaviour…

I am not sure I understand what “patch-like” behaviour is. Could you explain this in more detail?

when you apply a patch to a big project - your patch knows exactly how a big project works, and a big project doesn’t know, if a patch applied. So i was trying to write a patch to my existing cuba-app

If i get your idea right (albeit I suppose term “patch” doesn’t sound well in the context) - this is quite similar to what is described in the article as a component used for other one customization, isn’t it? If not, please provide a more detailed description what are you trying to achieve.