JPQL Tester in Studio

Hi guys,
It would be great if there was some kind of jpql tester inside in cuba studio where you could run jpql query and see results of this query. It would be really helpful in case of big complex queries.
Just an idea :slight_smile:

Hi Michal,

We are going to provide such tool as an application component that can be added to your application. Studio has no context of the application server, so it would be not exactly the same execution.

BTW now you have a rudimentary tool for running JPQL queries in an application: open JMX Console, find app-core.cuba:type=PersistenceManager MBean and use its jpqlLoadList() and jpqlExecuteUpdate() methods.

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Thank you for information. Are you going to implement sth. like Mario David’s diagnose?

Nice catch with PersistenceManager in JMX, works like a charm and exactly fulfil my needs, thank you for pointing this out :slight_smile:

Yes, I hope it will be in the Mario’s add-on. See