JPQL editor in Cuba platform

Hello everyone, how I can prove consultations with JPQL ?. It would be desirable to have a consultation JPQL editor for an entities in Cuba.
Thanks and regards.


Do you mean validation of JPQL queries in datasources?
Or code completion?

Hi, both would be very good to make inquiries about the entities and see the returned results, this will make it much easier development. Regarding the other question is: how I can activate the validation and autocompletion code jpql in intellij community edition?.
Greetings and thanks

Code completion is available in Studio datasource query field - see context help for the Datasources tab:
Use Ctrl+Space for code completion, which shows:

  • after an empty space - the list of entities;
  • after dot (.) - the list of entity attributes;
  • after colon (:slight_smile: - the list of available parameter prefixes;
  • after :ds$ - the list of datasources;
  • after :session$ - the list of predefined session attributes.

We will consider adding validation of JPQL in a future Studio version, thanks for the hint.

As for IntelliJ, I don’t think it is available in the community edition.

Thanks for the reply.