Joining entries based on date in DataGrid

Hi, I’m trying to populate a DataGrid with two different entities and their attributes.
The first entity is a WellLog, which should display some properties in columns, and the second is a TankLog, which should be displayed once per date per tank per row.

Is there any way I can generate the columns to do this while also keeping the TankLogs and WellLogs joined by date?



Unfortunately, components like DataGrid, Table etc. can be bind only to one Entity type as they work with datasources. If you need to combine several entities to be displayed in DataGrid, you can create an AbstractNotPersistentEntity (here you can see an example of working with such entities) and populate its fields with values from others, or try to create a ValueDatasource. Pay attention that for now DataGrid component can’t display hierarchical data or provide grouping. Such functionality available only in TreeTable and GroupTable accordingly.