JMIX Gradle build fails

I follow the IntelliJ and JMIX setup and tried several times but I keep getting Gradle synch errorr as soon as I create a new project.

It is not fully supported to define distributionSha256Sum in gradle\wrapper\
Using an incorrect value may freeze or crash Android Studio.
Please manually verify or remove this property from all of included projects if applicable.
For more details, see

Can you show the error you get,
and the contents of the file?

Also, which Jmix version do you use when creating the project?

We have investigated the problem.

The Gradle ticket you linked is an old one and not related to the current situation.

This is a controversial change added to the Android plugin in the IDEA 2021.1 :

You have the following choices:

  1. Click the Use "3239b5ed8..." as checksum for ... and sync project link in the console of the notification. Then IDEA will remember the checksum and re-sync the project successfully.
  2. Or just disable the Android plugin in the IDEA settings.

I just disable the Android plugin. thanks.