Jelastic deployment options

I have been going through the documentations and the new Studio (v7). So far I haven’t found option for Jelastic deployment directly from the studio that was conveniently existing in previous versions. Am I missing it as it might be existing in v7?


For now Studio 7 does not provide UI for Jelastic deployment. You can use the corresponding Gradle task:

Thank you Yuriy. Before deploy, how can I get the configuration settings done like we do in v 6.10?

Just insert the task definition to the end of your build.gradle and set parameters described in the documentation. We are not planning to introduce UI for those settings in the near time.

I shall look for the documentation, if you come across thanks for sharing the link.

Hi Yuriy
According tothis section of documentation, I understand there is an option in the project properties section for Cloud Deployment. But I don’t see any such option.

I don’t see Cloud deployment option in project tree either

There is no Jelastic deployment UI. I mean you can create a Gradle tasks in build.gradle:

task deployWar(type: CubaJelasticDeploy, dependsOn: buildWar) {
   email = '<your@email.address>'
   password = '<your password>'
   context = '<app contex>'
   environment = '<environment name or ID>'
   hostUrl = '<Host API url>'

Deployment to Jelastic Cloud page is outdated and we are going to remove it from the manual.

Hi Yuriy
I have migrated my project to version V7 (latest) where I find the following codes in build.gradle file:

task jelasticBuildWar(type: CubaWarBuilding) {
    includeJdbcDriver = true
    appHome = '..'
    webXmlPath = 'modules/web/web/WEB-INF/single-war-web.xml'
    appProperties = ['cuba.automaticDatabaseUpdate' : true]
    includeContextXml = true
    coreContextXmlPath = 'modules/core/web/META-INF/jelastic-context.xml'

task jelasticDeployWar(type: CubaJelasticDeploy, dependsOn: jelasticBuildWar) {
    email = rootProject.hasProperty('jelasticEmail') ? rootProject['jelasticEmail'] : ''
    password = rootProject.hasProperty('jelasticPassword') ? rootProject['jelasticPassword'] : ''
    hostUrl = ''
    environment = 'sitinteacc'

Now I have a few questions:

  1. In task jelasticDeployWar, email is extracted from rootProject, is this something where i am supposed to update my email and password for jelastic login or I update it directly in this gradle file?
  2. How do I build the war file for Jelastic?
  3. How do I deploy to Jelastic cloud?