Jelastic deployment from studio

I am trying to deploy my project to a trial account with Jelastic hosted by MIRHosting. It looks everything went well, can see tomcat is running well but when i run the link only an empty page is displayed without any error or message. Any ideas what could be the issue?

The “Cloud application” link is active right after the Cloud deployment settings are saved. It does not depend on the state of server.

The first possible reason of why your application does not work is that, the deployment process has not finished yet.
After you have launched the “Deploy to cloud” task, uploading progress is shown in Studio messages. As usual the application becomes available a few seconds after the “build successful” message appears.

The second possible reason is that, the environment is not powerful enough.
Open the Jelastic administration panel and see how many cloudlets consumes the environment. If it is close to maximum try to increase the maximum, or add more Tomcat nodes.
During the trial period Mirhosting allows to assign 16 cloudlets per node, this should be enough for any CUBA-application.

If the application still does not work, try to find a reason in Tomcat logs. Logs are available via the Jelastic administration panel(see the attached screenshot).