Jelastic configuration

Hi, what configuration do I need into jelastic in order to deploy a project?, how many cloudlets? for instance with hsqldb or postgresql.

Jorge Soto


You can create an appropriate Jelastic environment is Studio.

Now it creates an environment with a single Tomcat node of maximum 6 cloudlets and (if required) PostgreSQL of maximum 8 cloudlets. Reserved cloudlet(s) is 1 for both.

This should be enough for simple CUBA application like “Sales” or “Library” (find them in samples).

But if your application is heavier (has lots of entities and screens, uses premium components) you need to increase Scaling limit*. And *Reserved cloudlet(s) also should be tuned. As for me, single Tomcat with 10-16 cloudlets is enough to host very large applications.

Anyway, you should setup your environment depending on expected load. If you have a few simultaneously connected users - you do not need many cloudlets.