Jealastic deployment failed and CUBA Fix

My application hosted at Jelastic cloud has stopped suddenly when i updated from CUBA studio. I have been using version 6.6 RC1. It was not my first upload from this RC version of Studio but dont know what happened.

I contacted Mirhost (the cloud provider) and they informed replied me as follows:

“The developers told me that this problem fixed in 6.5.1 version of Cuba platform.”

Is it because of RC version which requires a fix?


Could you please have a look on to the error reports and my comments in another thread as follow?

CUBA team, do you have some info for me? please!

Hi Mortoza,
Try to find the reason of the problem in Tomcat logs (login to Jelastic administration panel). As usual, errors are registered in catalina log. You can also download the log files and share them here.