JDBC driver is not found for my DBMS Type

I have added my new DBMS type, but after project sync the error was raised f.e.: Error Connecting to Database: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mydatabase: How should be right defined the classpath or something similar to the jdbc jar file for my database in the project?

Hi Andrey.

Please check file %YOUR_CUSTOM_DB_NAME%DbProperties.groovy. It contains information about driver in methods: getDriver, getUrlPrefix, and getJdbcDriverDependency.
Edit these methods to set correct settings.

We have filed an issue: https://youtrack.cuba-platform.com/issue/STUDIO-8162. Thank you for reporting the problem.

As a workaround you can copy jar to /%USER_HOME%/.Idea%IDEA_VERSION%/config/plugins/cuba-studio/lib folder and restart IDEA. But this jar will be deleted after every plugin update

I have done all this things, but it didn’t help…


Hi @andrey.konchevskiy.

You can use the nightly build: CUBA Studio Nightly Builds Available - CUBA.Platform. It contains a fix for this problem.
Also next week we planned to release version 13.2, which also contains a fix.

Hi Yaroslav,

in new Nightly Build after Custom db creation com.haulmont.studio.db.{db_id}.{db_id}DbProperties class was not created. What is going wrong?


Hi @andrey.konchevskiy!

Sorry, regression has been introduced into the file creation mechanism for user databases. The fix will be in the next bugfix release and tomorrow in the nightly build.

Put the attached files in the com.haulmont.studio.db. {Db_id} folder. Also, replace the word “example” in these files.

DdlGeneratorDelegate.groovy (11.0 KB) ExampleDbProperties.groovy (8.9 KB) ExampleDdlGenerator.groovy (30.0 KB)