JavaFX and Gluon


First of all, congratulations for your amazing work. I just started to play with CUBA yesterday and I’m already impressed.
Do you have any plans to switch to JavaFX for Desktop modules? I’m imagining the potential in adding one more possibility: mobile module with Gluon frameworks. (
What do you think?

Thank you so much!

Thank you for the encouraging feedback!
Currently, we don’t have plans to re-implement the desktop module. Mainly because we don’t see much demand for creating desktop applications when the same or better level of functionality is available for the web.
As for mobile applications, we have strong intention to implement a subset of our Generic UI for mobile platforms. Thank you for the link, we are now considering alternatives and this information will help.
BTW, do you have an experience with the Gluon framework?

It’s a shame, because JavaFX is wonderful! =(

I just used Gluon for test and learn the platform. I hope to get a opportunity to develop something for production soon. In my opinion the focus of Gluon platform is the development of enterprise apps, exactly the same focus that has Cuba platform, therefore I glimpsed the two together. You see?

There are so many wonderful technologies :slight_smile:
By the way, CUBA is going opensource this month, so you will have the opportunity to implement the JavaFX-based UI yourself!