Jasper Report migration

Really cool Gleb.
Many thanks for your guidance.

I am really enjoying CUBA. May I ask you another question?

In my legacy app I have a bunch of reports developed with JasperReports. I have checked and CUBA provides its own report framework. However it would involve an additional migration. Do you know If I will face any specific obstacle to do at least temporarily a migration of those reports into CUBA. Theoretically it’s only about importing the dependencies and then enable the report production in the middle tier.

What do you think? If you prefer me to post this in a separate message I will do it. I will set this issue to solved.

Many thanks for your help.

can you told more about you reports? if it work maybe you dont need to change anything
jasper reports have good community and lot of examples

Consider also JasperReports Template functionality provided by CUBA Reporting add-on.

Hi all,

thanks for your replies. Finally I could successfully include the jasperreports library and was able to create reports in pdf format. Works like a charm. The only problem is that I cannot use the Reporting facilities included in Cuba. This perhaps is a second phase of the report migration I can try. However some of the reports are complex and involve 1 to 2 levels of subreport nesting, and I don’t know if anyone has got any experience with that kind of reports via de JasperReports template in the report plugin.

Thanks for your insisghts. If can even use the reporting facility in CUBA, the better, however the current scenario is acceptable.