Jasper Report as imported in cuba not compatable for arabic data

jassper report report issues

Hello @ahmedsalehfci

You need to set the fonts path, try to add reporting.fontsDir

Documentation: Appendix B: Application Properties - CUBA Platform. Report Generator


Thanks so much Nikita Shchienko for help.
But how i can add reporting.fontsDir .
Is it in cuba studio -> Modules -> core -> app.properties ?
Because i add it there and the issue not fixed .

report issues

JasperReport has problem with Unicode characters for PDF report.

To solve the problem of displaying Unicode characters in PDF reports, you need to create your own report font in Jasper soft studio.

In Font check the box next to Embed this font in PDF document and select Identity-H (Horizontal Unicode).

Example font:

Then you need to add the font to your report.

Example field:

Next, export your font and add the jar-file to your application deploy -> tomcat -> lib

Solution: https://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/808620/unicode-issue-when-creating-pdf-report-using-jasperreports-java-code


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Thank you very Much Nikita Shchienko for your help.
the problem solved successfully :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: