jar deployment on Linux


I created a single uberJar and successfully deployed it on windows. However, on a Linux machine, I get this error once I try to access the login page:

com.haulmont.cuba.web.AppUI - Unable to init ui
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Service app-core/cuba_LoginService is not registered in LocalServiceDirectory

It’s a simple application using HSQLDB. I only copied over the app.jar file to the Linux server and didn’t setup any database. My understanding is that all the files, including the HSQLDB are included in the jar file and “java -jar app.jar” should just start the application?

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HSQLDB is not included to UberJAR.
The database is started and stopped by CUBA Studio. That is why your app.jar does not work when deployed to a remote server. Try to close the project in Studio and you will get the same exception.
HSQLDB is intended for application prototyping. When you want to deploy your application somewhere use another reliable DBMS.


The deployment is only for demo purposes. Can I deploy the HSQLDB on a different server or does it only work on the development server?