It's jelastic for my project

In the next few days my application must enter production, a system of medical consultations type saas with postgres database of a single storage filtered by company. The system will initially be used by about 50 users but will grow as it is commercialized. The question is whether jelastic is the cloud solution for my application or if I should migrate to the google cloud.
I have many doubts with this please I appreciate any help.

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Nelson F.


i think that since this is such a broad question, the answer has to be: you can stay at Jelastic or switch to another Cloud provider (like Google or AWS).

Since you have some doubts, perhaps you can tell what your problems with both (or just Jelastic) options are? I’ve myself not worked with Jelastic production-wise (although I heard some stories…).

So generally, picking the right cloud provider highly depends on the level of expertise you have in running software, what requirements you have regarding security, what ease of use you expect (one simple example: doing a DB restore means a one-click, or are you ok with ssh into some machine etc.).

Even if you are saying “I want to switch to Google Cloud” this can mean 100 different things. Are you talking about IaaS, Kubernetes, some hosted PaaS like App engine? What about DB, will you run it on IaaS or do you use hosted DB offereings like AWS RDS / Google Cloud SQL?

If you bring some light into this topic and your personal situation then someone can perhaps give you some hints.


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