Issues with System Properties on entities 6.8.13 - > 6.10.1


I’m having some troubles after migrating from version 6.8.13 to 6.10.1 (Platform Version) with regards to System Properties by the looks of it. There has been no changes to either the entities or the views and the problem began the second the project was migrated. The System Properties checkbox has been ticked for all entities and views.

I’m adding a brand new entity to a datasource and get an exception on committing the said datasource:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot get unfetched attribute [createdBy] from detached object com.musala.person.entity.Contract-7c3bf0ef-ceb5-5973-18f4-47760fa6f6e1 [detached].

I’ve debugged on both versions and the older one works perfectly with the exact same settings and the exact same values, whereas the newer version throws the above exception.

In both versions the createdBy is null as it should be.

Do you have any suggestions with regards to why this might be happening?

Could you provide sample project that reproduces error?
It works for me without errors.

We are experiencing similar problems in 6.10.x. It appears as though the system properties are no longer included in the “_local” view. We have had to create custom views for entities where _local used to work and manually add the CREATE_TS, CREATED_BY, ect. attributes to the view.