Issues with Group Table and Saved Presentations

This is a pretty low priority issue but I thought I would point it out. We found that the saved presentations do not play nice with group tables which are grouping by a column.

We found that if you set the table to group on a column then save a new presentation, change to the default presentation or to another presentation without the same grouping the table maintains its’ grouping but moves the grouped column from the left most column to which ever order it is saved as in the newly selected presentation. This is easily fixed by manually re-ordering the column which undoes the grouping.


Hello @Corey.Amoruso,

Thank you for reporting the problem, but unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it. Could you clarify which CUBA version do you use?

Sorry, always forget to include that. We are on version 7.1.3.

Still cannot reproduce. My steps are:

  1. Create presentation1 with grouping
  2. Create presentation2 with grouping
  3. Select presentation1

If steps are right, could you reproduce the issue in the new demo project and share it? Also, maybe clearing screen settings could help. You can remove them from Settings screen or using EntityInspector (UserSetting entity)

The problem is reproduced! I created an issue, see cuba-platform/cuba#2864.