Issue : when increasing varchar column length, CUBA generates a DROP COLUMN statement

For any String field of any entity, If you increase varchar length of the column definition, CUBA generates a DROP then CREATE COLUMN.

This particular case is not suitable and even dangerous for production environment. In fact it does not suit any environment, you don’t wan’t to reupload all your data after increasing column size.

Of course there are workarounds, including thorough review of DB update scripts. But it would be nice that default behavior is the more secure one.

Hi, @michael.renaud

yes, it’s an issue. I’ve created a ticket in the our YouTrack: link.



could you specify which RDBMS and what version of CUBA Studio do you use?


Studio SE 6.7.6, PostgreSQL 9.4

OK, thank you. One more question: how do you change the length of your column? Via PgAdmin or via CUBA Studio?

I change it via Studio

Thank you.

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the problem.

Could you check your case in the last released CUBA Studio (6.8.1)?


I will, Thanks Daniil.

It seems you are facing the issue described in another topic. The fix will be delivered soon in Studio version 6.8.2.