Issue removing a close button from screens


Just updated a project from v 6.8.3 to v 6.10.1 and I’m having some issues finding out how to remove a “c-closetab-button”, found in the “c-headline-container”, completely rather than just hide it away with css. It didn’t used to appear before the update and it’s now basically everywhere unfortunately.

The app is currently set to:
cuba.web.defaultScreenCanBeClosed = false

Could I get some assistance please?

Hello @mgmilenkov

Could you clarify the question? I’m not sure that understand it correctly.


Thank you for the swift response.


This close button, “c-closetab-button”, basically appeared in the top right corner of every single page in the project. I’m trying to find a way to remove it.

Unfortunately there is no way to remove this button, you can only hide it with CSS.

Thank you again for the quick answer.

Would it be removable in a later version at all or is it there to stay for the foreseeable future?

There is no any reason to make it removable due to it is default UI control (like tab close button).