Is there any way to provide default init option for fields

For lookup fields we have inputPrompt option to display init text.

But I want to show init default option as “<-Select->” to all the fields for attribute types like enums and associations in cuba studio, because for enums and associations also we will get dropdowns.
How to achieve this.


Do I understand correctly that you want the same “Select” prompt for all drop-down fields in your application but don’t want to set the “inputPrompt” attribute?

I am able to set inputPrompt to only lookup fields.

But I want to implement same thing to field groups which have enums and associations.

-> here property country is coming from EnumCountry, so here also the country is dropdown.
how can I implement “Select” init option to field group for .

You can assign a custom component, e.g. LookupField and define inputPrompt:

    <field id="demo">
        <lookupField id="demoField" datasource="userDs" property="group" inputPrompt="select"/>