Is there a way to the location of the task on a normal cuba screen

Hello. I have been using the bproc addon for a couple of days already and I’m blown away how powerful this thing is. It really solves my issue with modeling and versioning. Thank you guys!

regarding my question…

I want to display a pool of tasks and have the users auto assign the tasks by clicking on the task list. I’m about to try out bprocTaskService.claim(//taskId ,//user);
I built a Cuba screen for my process form and I’d like the user to see where in the process is the current task.

I see there is this diagram in the cuba bproc admin… Id love to make it available to some users

Thank you once again !!

Hi, the source code of BProc addon is available in your application, so you may take a look at how it is implemented in the process instance editor. You need to use the com.haulmont.addon.bproc.web.uicomponent.bpmnviewer.BpmnViewer UI component.
See the usage example here:

Putting bproc_BpmnDiagramViewerFragment in a fragment and setting the parameter of ProcessInstanceData worked !!!

Thank you very much for your valuable support !!!