Is there a beta program?

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My company is CUBA.platform-customer since a few days. As we’ve read in the 2018 roadmap, v7 should be out soon. I’ve searched for some more information about it, but I didn’t find a lot. Is there maybe a beta programm we could take part in or another way to use an early release?

Also, as it’s november now, should we expect v7 to be rolled out until the end of the year or will it be more likely to be launched in 2019? The reason for this question is that we’d like to decide wether we start one particular project with 6.x and migrate it later or if we may wait a bit and start it with the new version from the very beginning.

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Hi David,

Thank you for your interest!
Yes we are going to release 7.0 this year, and the BETA will be published very soon - in a few days. Please keep watching announcements here on the forum.

As for whether to wait for 7.0 for a new project, take into consideration that main changes are in UI screens API, so it probably would be wise to start developing data model right now on 6.10 and defer creation of UI until 7.0 is out. Anyway, the current API is also supported in 7.0, so you won’t have to rewrite the old screens.




Good news!

Will this include the new IntelliJ plugin replacing Cuba Studio?

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Will this include the new IntelliJ plugin replacing Cuba Studio?

Sure :slight_smile: