Is the Quick Start, Part 4 tutorial incomplete?

Hello, I am new to the CUBA.platform and am trying to complete the Quick Start, Part 4 tutorial, however, it appears to me that the information regarding configuring the “order-edit.xml : sales$Order.edit” GENERIC UI is incomplete. There is no presentation of the steps necessary to setup the layout for the Order.lines. At time 04:17 this information can be seen graphically in the editor but how did it get here? It was required for the previous steps and the graphical components are seen at 04:04 when the application is run but it was never shown how to configure this in the tutorial version that I have. Note that I am using the newest Studio 6.4.2 version (macOS). I have been able to add some of it but it does not work as expected, respectively as shown, so I am obviously missing something(s). Is there another version of this video or its source code available? Thanks in advance for the feedback! Chris

Hi Chris,

The screen layout is scaffolded automatically when you create new generic UI screen for an entity. In the Quick Start tutorial you don’t need to adjust the layouts manually, you will only create views that include Order and OrdeLine attributes, and generate standard screens using these views.

Anyway, if you need the source code of this sample app, it is available on our GitHub.

Please feel free to ask if you still have any questions.

Hi Olga
Thank you very much, I really appreciate your quick response! I have gone through the tutorial 4 times and still cannot reproduce what I see in the video, so something is wrong with something. When I select an order and press the Edit button I do not see the Lines table and do not find it in my order-edit.xml : sales$Order.edit" GENERIC UI file as stated above. Note that I also had to manually add the Customer to the order editor layout (third item after Date and Amount); this did not happen automatically either. I will have a look at the source code to see if that helps. It can’t hurt.

I suppose, we could have missed to show that the standard order editor screen should use the newly created order-edit-view (02:36). To be sure, could you please share the descriptor of your order-edit.xml. It should contain the order-edit-view, not the order-with-customer view.

I’ve looked at your source in the meantime and my order-edit.xml does not contain everything that yours does. Amongst other things, mine is missing the linesBox and linesTable, which is consistent with what I am seeing. I do not find a presentation of these items in the video. Furthermore, it is missing ‘’.
Here it is…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

The collectionDatasource “linesDs” is created automatically by the platform when you add the new “lines” attribute to the Order entity, include it in order-edit-view and make your Order Edit screen use this view.
Check again all the steps starting with the “lines” attribute creation (01:47).

Hi Olga
Thanks for the tip! I removed my “lines” attribute, which was actually correct and added it again. While adding it, it was necessary to open another dialog for the “Mapped by: order” information to set the “order” value. After selecting “order” and closing this particular dialog another dialog was presented when saving the file asking to append this new information to the view. (This is not shown in the video and that’s why I couldn’t find it after repeatedly looking at it! Maybe you could mention this dialog if you ever record it again.) I think that during my first attempt I must have unknowingly cancelled this append dialog, possibly with an “Esc” key or other keyboard shortcut, so the “lines” information was never inserted into the view’s XML file. (I have no other explanation.) It’s working now; just the label of the linesBox displays “Order.lines” instead of “Lines” as in the video. I’ll check on that. Many thanks again!

Thank you for notice, we’ll include it in the video for the nearest release.