Is that possible one web client block connecting 2 different middleware block?

Hi team,

For example, a user management system, we deploy one middleware block for companyA and another one for CompanyB. Now, i want to have a web client block(vaddin generic UI), user could select to connect companyA instance or B instance.

Is there a simplest way to achieve this? like change cuba.connectionUrlList dynamically by code?

thank you


There is StaticServerSelector bean defined in CUBA web module with cuba_ServerSelector id, see cuba/web-spring.xml at 05615301bfdfa430f0d1e8b832262acde2481c77 · cuba-platform/cuba · GitHub

You can provide your own ServerSelector in your project, see for example how it is done in CUBA ZooKeeper integration add-on: cuba-zk/ at master · cuba-platform/cuba-zk · GitHub


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