Hi everybady!!!

I have to create a app cuba+ Polymer ui with two lenguages, Spanish|es;English|en, . . . Spanish has to be the priority!!!..

1 step; I add a new lenguage “Spanish|es” and up to the top,cuba%20estudio

2 step ; I add “es” in the polymermultiidioma-home.ts

namespace polymermultiidioma {

  const {customElement, property} = Polymer.decorators;

   * @extends {Polymer.Element}
   * @appliesMixin CubaLocalizeBehavior
  class PolymermultiidiomaHome extends (Polymer.mixinBehaviors([CubaLocalizeBehavior], Polymer.Element) as
    new() => Polymer.Element & CubaLocalizeBehavior) {

    @property({type: Object})
    messages: {} = {
      es: {
          "welcomeHeading": "Bienvenido a polymermultiidioma",
          "welcomeContent": "Alguna descripción"
        en: {
            "welcomeHeading": "Welcome to polymermultiidioma",
            "welcomeContent": "Some description"

Even if I have done this, the lenguage in the web everytime is English|en.


please, somebody could help me, may be I miss or I am doing something wrong!!!

thanks a lot!!!

Hi, there is an issue in TypeScript-based client generation. It will be fixed in the next Studio bugfix release

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