Intellisense JPQL

What do you suggest, a tools to write jpql query and have intellisense. I tried Console window JPA of Intellij, but I don’t like much. Instead work good intellisense of cuba studio into data source tab of screen project screen. What do you use generally when you need to write a jpql query ?

Currently, CUBA plugin for IntelliJ does not provide any code-completion for JPQL. We’ll consider it after releasing Studio 7 which will run completely as a IntelliJ plugin.

Also, we are thinking about implementing a strictly-typed DSL over JPQL (see this issue which will eliminate the need for writing JPQL as a string.


Are mature times to get an intellisense console to write query jpql integrated with view ? :slight_smile:


We do have plans for JPQL language support and JPQL console in the Studio. But these are for middle-term future.

Currently you have two options:

  1. Use features provided by IDEA Ultimate JPA plugin: Describe integration with JPA plugin of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate · Issue #4 · cuba-platform/studio-docs · GitHub

  2. Include the GitHub - cuba-platform/admin-tools-addon: Interactive runtime diagnosis for CUBA applications add-on into your project. It has a JPQL console screen, and you will be able to test JPQL queries on a running server.

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