IntelliJ plugin and Intellisense problem.....


Is it normal that the CUBA plugin in IntelliJ does not want to inject several stuff, like services from the platform or defined in the core module?

Even when I manual adding the Inject definition into the source, the IntelliJ IntelliSense complains that there is no Beans for this injections.

For example, based on the data-manipulation sample, i would like to have an EntityService bean in middleware to use it from portal/rest-api and from the client module

the client module don’t recognize the bean injections, nor in bean definition the IntelliJ complains about Persistence and Metadata injection.
I tried to clean up and recreate the idea files from studio but nothing changes.
When I open the project in the IDE, the IDE complains that he forund frameworks, spring projects and gradle to import. Should I accept it and let the IDE configure the project?

I Use the latest studio and platform, in the latest IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.


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Hi Sandor,
Currently, the CUBA IDEA plugin can do injection only to screen controllers, as the most frequent use case. We will implement injection to arbitrary beans later.
As for the IDEA Ultimate, I would not recommend using its Spring and Gradle integration capabilities yet. Run Gradle tasks from the Terminal or configure External Tools to use keyboard shortcuts. For example, I use Ctrl+Shift+X to restart the app server:
Program: D:\tools\gradle\bin\gradle.bat
Parameters: --daemon restart
Working directory: $ProjectFileDir$

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