Intellij idea 2020.1 becomes unresponsive with the "Cuba studio" plugin enabled

Dear Support Team,

With the “Cuba studio” plugin enabled in the IntelliJ idea, the IDE becomes unresponsive at some point. I have created an issue on the Intellij idea tracker -

Thread dumps attached to the issue give (couple studio’ threads in the runnable state during freeze event) me reasons to suspect studio plugin in freezing the IDE.

According to thread dumps, it’s the same problem like posted here: Cuba get stuck consistently - #13 от пользователя albudarov - CUBA.Platform

It is related to hot deploy and will be fixed in Studio 14.

For now as a workaround you can disable new hot deploy mechanism in the settings: CUBASettings → Uncheck Hot Deploy Compiled Classes .

Hi Alex,

Disabling the “Host Deploy Compiled Classes” seems to be solving the issue, thanks a lot!