Integration with Liferay

Do you have examples of embedding Cuba platform applications into Liferay or other Content Management System ? We are considering using Liferay to develop a portal site and expose Cuba apps as portlets in Liferay. Has these been done before ?


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We have not tried to integrate CUBA applications into Liferay. CUBA does not have VaadinPortlet support, so you cannot use CUBA based application as regular portlet for Liferay.

You can integrate your application to Liferay using iframe HTML element with src pointing to the application URL. To open concrete screen of the application from you can use Screen Links.

Also, to use Single Sign On with Liferay, you can implement CubaAuthProvider (see com.haulmont.cuba.web.auth.IdpAuthProvider as an example). Custom SSO implementation can be enabled using cuba.web.externalAuthentication property.