Integration of improved rich text editor?


Does anyone know whether rich text editors like Quill (Quickstart - Quill Rich Text Editor) or Jodit ( - UI Components) could be integrated using the JavaScript integration (Using a JavaScript library - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual) ?

I would like to provide better text editing to my users and these two look exactly what I’m looking for but they seem less Vaadin/Cuba compatible.

Any comments are appreciated!

have you ever come across froala? Having looked at alot of alternatives, this is the one I liked the most, in particular it handled image cut/pasting well. It’s on my list of things to do to integrate it.

Thanks. Yes, looked at it and although it has the required functionality, the license model does not fit.

I gave a try on integrating Jodit today and that looks very promising. Still some tweaking to do but it works.

Hi Berend,
if you got it working,
could you share a project to show how you did it?