Integration guidance

I was curious if the Cuba Platform team has any guidance/experience on which integration tools work well with the Cuba Platform.

The requirements would be a tool that can execute ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes and in some cases act as an ESB (enterprise service bus). Our team comes from a Microsoft stack background, so we have used tools such as SSIS, BizTalk and home grown tools.

In doing some research I have come across Mulesoft ESB and Spring Integration that look like they might work well and it appears that Mule tasks are integrated into Activiti, so that’s a nice win.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.


I cannot recommend you any certain tool, but in general, Java ecosystem is huge and you should be able to find something suitable. As CUBA is based on Spring, it’s usually easier to integrate with a tool based on Spring too. However, any Java library can be used in CUBA applications as well. Sometimes you can come across problems with versions of dependencies, but there is always a workaround.

Hi Craig,

As Konstantin pointed, CUBA application is a spring application, so you can use this official MuleSoft guide to get your CUBA app integrated with MuleSoft.

Regarding recommendations, it’s up to you to choose any implementation of ESB depending on your preference. As you said, if you want to use MuleSoft in BPM then it will be beneficial to go for this option. If you are looking for a lightweight alternative then Spring Integration will do the job. Another option could be Apache Camel, which also can be nicely integrated with Spring and consequently CUBA application (see the guide here).

Hope it helps.



Thanks guys, I appreciate the input.