Integrated Windows Authentication - Support


I’ve a requirement to integrate

Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA)

I’d like to seek your advise, what I could customize it?


Have a look at Basic LDAP Integration - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

There is a GitHub - Waffle/waffle: Enable drop-in Windows Single Sign On for popular Java web servers. library I’ve heard of.
Haven’t used personally so I wouldn’t be able to consult you in detail about it.

Hi Alex,

I have checked this article and also the SPNEGO.
I’m doing the testing. I will update the thread here


Once the testing success, I need to extend the login page controller to make use the IWA.



Just to update the thread, I have managed to add SPNEGO IWA into CUBA.

Step 1 - Add SPNEGO jar into build.gradle
Step 2 - Add SPNEGO HTTP Filter inside web.xml of web module

If you are using single-war concept, you need programmatically add SPNEGO HTTP Filter

Step 2.1 - configure the parameters and setup follows

Reference Links: java - Why Kerberos/SPNEGO authentication doesn't work? - Stack Overflow

Step 3 - you can get your remote user name to continue login logic when you open the login screen.

PS: Tomcat Server’s per-auth user must be same domain with user that accessing the link


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One cool aspect to explore is integrating IWA seamlessly with your existing applications and systems. This could involve tweaking the way IWA interacts with your web or network services, ensuring a smooth flow of user data and access control.