Injecting data containers

Good day

I have been using the legacy studio of cuba for quite a long time, and recently just started using cuba 7.
I have noticed that we use data containers instead of datasources.

I have created my own button in an editor screen that I want to implement how it commits the data. To commit data in the legacy version of cuba, you just simply inject the datasource and commit data straight forward.
e,g datasource.commit();

for cuba 7, I tried injecting the data container and tried doing the same just to noticed that it does not allow such functionality. e.g there is nothing like datacontainer.commit();

Question: How do I perform commit of data in a button I created myself?
Please provide with code example

Thank you in advance.

Please use DataContext component for saving data. There is a description for this component in the documentation

Thank you @belyaev