Inject association fields in fieldgroup in intelliJ

I’ve run into this problem:
I have a couple of FieldGroups that list main and related attributes from an entity.
For instance “descri” and “” where document is a association MANY to One to entity Document.

In Intellij I can inject the “descri” field (wich appears as “descriField”) but not “” that doesn,t appear when I press Alt+Insert.
Is it possible to access this fields from the controller?

Thank you for reporting the problem. We have created a YouTrack issue, see the link on the right.

For now, you can inject a component manually just by writing a field with @Inject or @Named annotation.

Please also note the following: you can edit only immediate attributes of an entity contained in the datasource. Attributes of related entities can only be displayed, but if a user changes them, they will not be saved automatically. This is described here (see the red block). In order to edit attributes of a related entity, create a nested datasource for this entity and link component to this datasource.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker:

Hi Konstantin

This still doesn’t work.
Whats the syntax to do it manually?
For instance @Named(“”) private TextField nameField does not work

I just want to manipulate the object (like hide it) in code, no edits

Well, in fact it works only and only if the field inside the fieldgroup has no id, that is, only “” as the property of the object.
And still must be done manually cant be “injected” in Intellij.