Inheritance issue : browser calls


Follow-up of this issue, now I am stuck.

I cleaned the project, regenerated a default browser screen for Customer, try with Counterpart defined as abstract or not. The Customer browser continues to display ‘Counterpart browser’ caption, and keeps trying to call Counterpart editor. Despite xml files content.

The menu is actually linked to busy$Customer.browse.

<menu-config xmlns="">
    <menu id="application"
        <item id="busy$Customer.browse"/>

Here how classes are defined

@Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceType.SINGLE_TABLE)
@DiscriminatorColumn(name = "DTYPE", discriminatorType = DiscriminatorType.STRING)
@Table(name = "BUSY_COUNTERPART")
@Entity(name = "busy$Counterpart")
public abstract class Counterpart extends StandardEntity

@Table(name = "BUSY_COUNTERPART")
@Entity(name = "busy$Customer")
public class Customer extends Counterpart

public class CustomerBrowse extends AbstractLookup

public class CustomerEdit extends AbstractEditor<Customer>

Xml files attached, any guidance appreciated.


contact-browse.xml (2.4K)

contact-edit.xml (1.1K)

counterpart-contacts-frame.xml (1.2K)

counterpart-frame.xml (1.3K)

customer-browse.xml (2.2K)

customer-edit.xml (1.3K)

customer-frame.xml (792B)

views.xml (2.1K)

web-menu.xml (384B)

web-screens.xml (1.4K)

Never mind, I had a mess due to the fact that at some point I tried to create a CounterpartEditor and then a CustomerEditor extending it. This test allowed me to discover that this was not permitted by the framework, but created a mess I had to clean.

Problem solved.