Inheritance and screen tab caption


I have created :

  • Customer entity extend Counterpart entity, single table inheritance.
  • Customer browser, editor and menu entry

The menu entry caption is ‘Customers’ which is ok, and when clicked it displays the correct Customer browser screen. However for some reason the tab caption for browser & editor display ‘Counterpart browser’ and ‘Counterpart editor’ albeit this is not what is defined in for customer.


browseCaption = Counterpart browser
editorCaption = Counterpart editor


@include =
browseCaption = Customer browser
editorCaption = Customer editor

Either the customer messages are ignored, either the overriding of the messages in customer does not work. Or am I missing something ?


Hi Mike,

Could you check what messagePack is specified in the Customer screens XML (it’s an attribute in the root window element). It should point to the package where your Customer messages are located.

Hi Konstantin
Never mind, as explained in my other post, there was a mess in my messages (as you point out) due to a design test I made. Solved.