Indirect Many-to-Many Association with Joining Entity - problem with table data

Hi Team,

I have a problem with a many to many association with a joining entity: I show some data of the joining entity in a table in the edit screen of the parent entity. When I modify 2 rows using a specific editor screen for the joining entity, everything seems ok for the first but after I’ve modified the second the first one returns to the original value. How can I avoid this?



Some extra information: I checked data after the edit, the values in the edited entity, in the data container associated to the table and the items of the table are all correct, but one of the rows on the screen shows still the previous values.
I also tried to use DataGrid instead of Table, but the behaviour is the same.
The example project Pet Clinic is a little easier than mine: it do not use an entity editor to modify relationship between Pet and InsuranceComapny.

Solved :wink: the problem was that in the edit screen I had a DataContainer which reloaded parent entities, so previous changes were lost from DataContext (I suppose).