Inconsistent behavior for Percent Numbers TextFields


I followed the documentation to create a percent field:

@NumberFormat(pattern = "##.##%")
@Column(name = "PERCENT_FIELD1")
protected Double percentField1;

But I noticed a strange behaviour: cuba will only consider the TextField input valid if the “%” sign is used:

It is strange that for regular number fields (pattern = “##.##”) the format is applied by default. But for percent number fields, it is not.

My first attempt was to add the “%” sign when the value of the field is changed. But the ValueChangeEvent was only being fired after correctly filling the value, including the “%” sign. Luckily, there is the TextChangeEvent that I could use.

public void onPercentField2FieldTextChange(TextInputField.TextChangeEvent event) {
	if (!event.getText().contains("%")) {
		try {
			NumberFormat numberFormat = DecimalFormat.getInstance(userSession.getLocale());
			Number number = numberFormat.parse(event.getText());
			event.getSource().setValue(number.doubleValue() / 100);
		} catch (ParseException e) {
			// Ignore error and do nothing

After implementing the above logic, it is working as expected (the number format is being applied).

Is this a bug? If not, is there an easier/cleaner way of acomplishing this result without having to customize every percent field?

P.S.: I’m attaching a test project in case anyone need to reproduce the error. (82.1 KB)
Cuba version: 7.2.4




For parsing values that annotated by @NumberFormat is used DecimalFormat class. It considers the % sign should be provided.

If you want to validate value both with % and without you can try to use custom Datatype. It allows you to parse and format values by custom logic.

I added simple datatype to your test project: (82.8 KB)

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Thanks @Pinyazhin!!