Inconsistencies changing module prefix

I may have found some inconsistencies when changing module prefix from Project Properties.

  • Change module prefix, in my case from app to board
  • gradlew assemble
  • gradlew setupTomcat
  • gradlew deploy

At this point I noticed that launching the application with ‘ run’ and db scripts were searched in conf/app-core and webapps/app-core, resulting in failure to launch the server. Copying board-core directories to app-core in some way used both of them, and so I was able to start the server.

After further investigations, I found that changing module prefix and cleaning everything from Studio (clean, remove IDEA, assemble, create IDEA, create gradlew) kept some references to app-core in my project:

“cuba.webContextName = app-core” in modules/core/src/
"cuba.connectionUrlList = http://localhost:8080/app-core" in modules/web/src/
and, perhaps more significantly,


in modules/core/web/WEB-INF/web.xml.

I don’t know if the first two are only pertinent to Studio, but I can find the third reference in the same place after building the app in tomcat.

Also, in Studio the link to the app remains http://localhost:8080/app


Which version of Studio do you use? We are unable to reproduce problems with cuba.connectionUrlList and cuba.webContextName.

We have reproduced the third issue with in *web.xml *.

Thank you.

CUBA Studio
Version 6.4.3
Built on 2017-03-28 15:25:29

I’m on Linux

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: