Include report group as part of report information REST API

When I use the REST API for the Reporting module, I want to be able to group the reports on the clients side as per report grouping defined in the back-end. Kindly add the report group field/property to the JSON outputs for the two REST end points below.


Adding something related to the above request:

  1. Add a second report grouping field to report. This is will enable 2-levels of categorizing the reports which is necessary for an application with a lot of reports. The second field can be optional.
  2. Include parameter default value to the inputParameters object of the json returned by /rest/reports/v1/report/{id}. This is necessary for dynamic form generation in the client like React App, where you want to pre-populate a form field with the default value from the Cuba reporting module.


Thank you for your feedback. We have created an issue:

Thank you. I am eagerly waiting for this feature.

Thank you for resolving this issue. It would be more useful however if, in addition to


you also add endpoint


which will output all fields of all groups in one call. Otherwise i will have to make as many backend calls as there are groups to get the group code and title. And to get list of all group id’s I will have to loop through list of all reports which is not efficient.
Alternatively just include all the group fields inside the report list just as you do templates