In table view add image and want to open popupview on that link click

Hi, I added an image with table using ‘setIconProvider’ method. I need to add, on click invoke functionality on that image and want to show the popupView on that click. Is it possible to do the same.


I suggest that you use Table Column generation ability and use the Embedded component.

To add click listener you should unwrap the Embedded component and use Vaadin API:

table.addGeneratedColumn("image", new Table.ColumnGenerator() {
    public Component generateCell(Entity entity) {
        Embedded embedded = componentsFactory.createComponent(Embedded.class);

        // set an image to the embedded

        com.vaadin.ui.Embedded vEmbedded = embedded.unwrap(com.vaadin.ui.Embedded.class);
        vEmbedded.addClickListener(clickEvenet -> {
        	// show popup

To open a popup you should use openWindow with OpenType.DIALOG