In calendar can't find navigationButtonsVisible property

Hi, in calendar i can’t find “navigationButtonsVisible” property i updated to latest framework version. regards!.


Could you describe in more details what issue do you face? Where you can’t find the navigationButtonsVisible property: Java API or XML descriptor? Which CUBA Platform version do you use?


Hi, in the developer’s manual shows a new property named “navigationButtonsVisible” for calendar component that allows to navigate throw months/weeks with two arrows on the top. So, i set the StartDate and EndDate properties to a month, for example from 01/04/2018 to 30/04/2018, and set the property to true in the XML, but the arrows still not showing.


studio version 6.8.3 / framework 6.8.5

Actually, the documentation doesn’t say about the monthly view, only the weekly view.

Navigation buttons to page the calendar one week forward or backward are hidden by default. To show them on a weekly view, use the attribute navigationButtonsVisible:

Unfortunately, there are no built-in navigation buttons for the monthly view and you need to implement them from scratch.

Ok, but the image in the documentation says the opposite, Gleb.



I’ve double checked the source code and, as I said before, the monthly view doesn’t provide built-in navigation buttons. It seems that the image above contains custom buttons. Sorry for the inconvenience, but you need to implement your own navigation buttons.

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